Energizing Digital Platforms

InWorldz Virtual Platform

Pulse Point Media began working within InWorldz in 2011, as an inexpensive and stable alternative to other virtual platforms.  

The physics of the InWorldz platform are very similar to Second Life®, and both platforms run on the same engine. Our content creators found little differences between working within InWorldz and developing within Second Life® during the earlier years of the platform.

Pulse Point Media is excited to have the opportunity to explore yet another "new world" on behalf of our client, Le Bonheur Choldren's Hospital.
Le Bonheur Children's Hopsital

Pulse Point Media's first projects within InWorldz were completed for two separate clinical depatments at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, based in Memphis, TN. Represented are the hospital's Surgical/Cardiology Unit and the Pediatric Pulmonary Care department. Both projects are grant funded and sponsored by the Nursing Institute of the Mid-South, which is also based in Memphis, TN. 

The Le Bonheur Children's Hospital program within InWorldz emulates clinical proceedures as an educational exercise, and then tests the nursing skills competency of participants. Test results are then e-mailed from within InWorldz to Le Bonheur's nurse management personnel for participant evaluation. 

Utilizing the physics of the InWorldz platform, the Pulse Point Media development team utilized object creation and interactive programming, as well as complex object and avatar coordinated animation techniques to recreate these two clinical exercises. 

More information or a demonstration of the program's functionality, are available through contacting Pulse Point Media. Images of the project are shown below.